The orientation and teaching activities were started to provide quality education at HSC level for the students of session 2013-14 on 1st July,2013 at Chittagong Port College for the first time. The key points of our academic activities are given below:

    • A class routine is there to maintain the students’ attention at classroom and to make success of the plan to complete the syllabus within the specific time period determined by the education board. It is to be noted that class activities begins at 9:15 AM and ends at 2:40 PM everyday. For keeping the students refresh and providing some entertainment there is a 30 minutes gap in between the two periods stated above.
    • To analysis course curriculum for a longer period of time and to explore syllabus contents, an annual lesson plan has been provided according to the academic calendar of the college. It has also been given as a book format to the students.
    • It is compulsory for the students to present regularly at college. Chittagong Port College is strongly determined to maintain the discipline of the college and to encourage students for practicing disciplined and student like manner. There are some rules and regulations which are needed to be abide by the students. A discipline committee is also there to monitor such activities.
    • It is also compulsory for the students to come to the college in required uniform. It is to be noted that the selected uniform for the students is white shirt, navy blue pant and back shoe. A teacher has been appointed to make sure that students are coming in college uniform.
    • To make the students more attentive and careful, departmental(Science, Humanities and Business Studies) teachers perform their duties as guide teacher according to the ratio of the students. Guide teachers maintain their regular communication with the guardian of the students and take essential steps after finding out any lacking in the student.
    • An examination committee is there to evaluate the academic progress and to improve the learning capabilities of the students. The examination committee is engaged to take tutorial, monthly evaluation test and yearly examinations. In addition to the subject wise regular class tutorial, two(2) monthly evaluation tests are conducted. There is also a ¬†compulsory 1st and 2nd periodic examinations are conducted in a year for the academic betterment of the students.
    • The result of the conducted examinations ( mark-sheet are prepared based on 80% marks from the periodic examination and 20% from the monthly evaluation tests) are sent to the guardian of the students.
    • Chittagong Port College has taken an initiative to provide extra special class lectures to the students for the sake of students’ academic progress. All of our teachers take subject-wise classes besides their regular lectures during the scheduled time to implement those extra classes.
    • To reduce the absence of students in classes, every guide teacher maintain contacts regularly with the parents of the students who are under his/her responsibility.
    • Chittagong Port College arrange guardians’ meeting time to time so that students become more attentive to study work not only in classroom but also at home. It is to be mentioned that 1st guardians’ meeting was held on August,2013 and 2nd parents’ meeting was held on January,2014. It is humble request to all guardians of the students to be present on each of those meetings so that they will be able to know the all over progress of the students.
    • Chittagong Port College authority is very much concerned about the IT education for the students. IT education is very much important to compete and survive in this modern world. There is an excellent computer laboratory and dedicated teacher to prepare the students for the changing digital Bangladesh.
    • The teachers of Chittagong Port College have shown their excellent merit and expertise to establish modern laboratories meeting the requirement of ¬†this age.
    • Chittagong Port College authority have taken strong initiative to build an enrich library full of information and a large collection of books. To meet this goal, a huge amount of books have already been collected and purchased by the help of the departmental teachers.
    • Chittagong Port College authority believe in happy learning. To keep the students refresh and to explore their inner abilities sports and different types of cultural activities are arranged by the college authority time to time.