Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular Activities:

The foundation for building future is somewhat inherent in co-curricular activities. Regarding this, various co-curricular activities are run by the teachers of Chittagong Port Women College. Debate competition, Spoken English, Extempore, Ethics, General Knowledge, Story Telling, Rover Scout, Red Crescent and BNCC are to be mentioned. The habits and skills formed and gained as a social being  and the wisdom, belief, arts, ethics, laws and behavior-everything overall exposes a man’s social nature or appearance. Exercising the co-curricular activities will enrich knowledge of the learners in different subjects and applying these in their personal life will help to build their life and develop multi farious qualities.

Aiming at these the Co-curricular Activities are successfully operated in Chittagong Port Women College.

  1. Activities of the Club:

The Co-curricular Activities are categorized into some clubs to follow discipline, ethics, arousal of humanities, mutual sympathy and co operation and make students self confident and assertive. The accomplishments performed by the clubs are as follows:.


sl no  Name  Club co ordinators Activities
01 Debate Club Morzina Khanom

Asstt. Professor (English)

Debate Competition, extempore (primarily competition among inter colleges nearby) and finally ensuring divisional and national participation.
02 Green Club Chandan Kanti Paul

Lecturer (Physics)

Operating programs on a forestation,  gardening and developing the environment
03 Music Club Kamrun Nahar


Participation  divisionally and Nationally through dancing, music and recitation competition
04 Science club Tahmina Yasmin

Lecturer (Chemistry)

Innovating various time demanding projects and participation through their demonstration/display.
05 Welfare Club Taharima Sultana

Lecturer (Logic)

Running programs on social welfare through Red crescent and Rover Scouts
06 Sports club Md. Ishaque

Lecturer(Higher Mathematics)

Running required activities, taking part in indoor and outdoor games and national competition.
07 Counseling associations Mosabbiha Sultana

Lecturer(Islamic History And Culture)

The guide teacher conducts class every week with his/her guide students to raise discipline, ethics, values and patriotism among them besides academic activities.
08 ICT Club Mohammad Nasser Uddin,Lecturer (Information & Communication Technology) a. Increasing the ability to use ICT.

b. Arrangement of availing the facilities of education, treatment, news, knowledge and wisdom home and abroad.

c. Arrangement of practicing knowledge through global famous library and museum.

09 Photography & Natural Study Club Tania Rahman

Lecturer (Biology)

 Conducting   the timely required activities, exposing the multi dimensional aspects among the learners through their creativity. Reaching the zenith of success through co-ordination with divisional and national photographic society.
  1. Annual Sports Program and Prize Awarding:

Every year annual sports program is held in Chittagong Port Women College. The sports events are enjoyed through indoor and outdoor performances and thus are awarded.


  1. Inter and Intra class Competition:

Here are some inter and intra class competitions in Chittagong Port Women College as follows: In many events like indoor and outdoor games and in music, Hamdh and Nath(Religious events), Recitation and Essay competition, the learners are awarded.


  1. Commemoration Of National Days:

The national days are commemorated with due solemnity in Chittagong Port women College. To create patriotism among the learners and to keep themselves abreast on our national culture and tradition the national days are duly observed. The winners in the completion are encouraged with prizes.

The following days are celebrated:

a. 21st  February, International Mother Language Day f 16th December, The Victory Day
b Annual Meladh Mahfil g Annual Study Tour
c Birthday of Bangabandhu and National Child day i Freshers’ reception and Farewell ceremony
d 26th March, the Independence Day j 14th April, Bangla New Year
e 15th August, the National Mourning Day k Guardian  Meeting


  1. Rover Scout and Red Crescent:

To gain strategy to remain safe and provide help to others in any unexpected or any disastrous moment like facing natural catastrophe and undertaking precautionary measure, there is a direction to run Rover Scout and Red Crescent activities by education ministry. For this Rover Scout and Red Crescent team have been formed in Chittagong Port Women College. This institute conducts class with Rover Scout and Red Crescent, training and various programs and policies.