General Information

College Uniform:

Sky blue frock , white cross orna, white scarf, sky blue belt, white trousers, white socks and black Bata shoes are the uniform, Navy blue sweater is considered as the dress for wither season.

Tuition Fees:

From the first to the tenth of every month the tuition fees should be paid. Otherwise, with delay fine, all the dues within the 10th of the next month can be paid.

Management of the Guide Teachers:

Some particular students will belong to every teacher, the guide teacher will keep the record of the attendance , conduct academic development, result preservation and observation of the individual students. The guide teacher will inform the principal and the guardians regarding the particulars of those students. The main objective of this program to build up a discipline and brilliant team through the proper direction and so on.

Honorable Guardians:  

Respected guardians are requested to maintain regular communication with the guide teachers spontaneously. They will imply their creative advice or recommendations in person in the guardian- teacher conference on the due date. The necessary steps along with preventative measures must be taken by the honorable guardians for the betterment of the students. They are also requested to supervise the progress of their daughters.