Rules on Examinations

To arrange the examination in order to justify the merits of the students and to continue the academic progress is very urgent. In addition , the importance of arranging examination lies in answering skillfully and methodically within the certain period of time. For this, Chittagong Port Women College authority has recommended to arrange the examinations on the following particulars:

Serial No. Class Name of Examinations
1 XI At least 40 tutorials totaling to all subjects
2 XI 1st Term, 2nd Term and Year Final Examination
3 XII At least 25 tutorials totaling to all subjects
4 XII Pretest and Test Examinations according to the directions of the Board

It is a must to participate in all the internal examinations of the college. No consideration can be shown except for the participation in the examinations.

Result of the Examinations:

20% tutorial marks will be added to the score /marks of respective subject in the terminal examination and thus with the average marks with each subjects, examination result will be prepared.

Promotion / Selection of the Board Examination:

1. Average passing mark is 40%

2. Only those who are able to pass in all subjects in the Year Final Examination are promoted to the second year.

3. Those who pass in all subjects in the Test Examination will be selected for the Board Examination.

4. Failure in maximum two subjects will be given chance to attend in re-test and will be promoted to the second year after passing in those subjects.

5. The Test Examination will be held on two papers of respective subjects and result will be published according to the procedure of the Board.

Adaption of Unfair Means:

The student accused of adaption of any unfair means must be suspended from the college. Any kind of recommendation or persuasion is provided to influence the result.